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Please make an appointment by phone before visiting the practice or alternatively book an appointment online.

We offer Corona vaccinations for all children between 5 and 12 years of age with the Pfizer/Biontec vaccine. You can book an appointment here via VACME for the Kinderarztzentrum Zürich AG for children aged 5-11 years. For children aged 12 and over, you can book an appointment for the Paediatric Centre Zurich AG via VACME.

We also offer booster vaccinations for all children over the age of 12, with the Pfizer/Biontec vaccine. You can also book an appointment for this at the Paediatric Centre Zurich AG via VACME.

We do a Corona test for all children, also simply as a "spit test". Test before 1 pm. Result in 6 to 8 hours.

The paediatric centre in Zurich under the direction of the paediatrician Dr. Zia is located in Zurich Oerlikon, district 11, directly at the Oerlikon railway station and was opened in October 2021. The paediatric practice is child-friendly and has a pleasant ambience. The stylish and child-friendly waiting room is an ideal distraction for its little patients. There are many play facilities for children. However, there are usually no long waiting times. Our paediatrician in Zurich Oerlikon is always friendly and takes a gentle approach when treating your child. The paediatrician in Zurich is empathetic and understanding and takes care of the treatment and vaccinations. As a parent, you will of course be given comprehensive advice; be it about the cause of the illness, the usual course or the right treatment and therapy for your child. Whether a child's illness or preventive examinations - the paediatrician is a specialist. You can make an appointment at our practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine, but you can also drop by in urgent cases. Our paediatric centre in Zurich welcomes you with open arms.

The Paediatric Centre Zurich offers emergency consultation hours from Monday to Thursday from 5 to 7 pm. You can come to the practice at any time with prior telephone registration. This saves you a trip to the hospital and the long waiting times.

In the emergency consultation hours, neither preventive examinations are carried out nor are vaccinations administered. The emergency consultation hours are for acute illnesses and are intended to enable parents to get a quick consultation with a paediatrician. You too can benefit from the emergency consultation hours at the Paediatric Centre Zurich in Sternen-Oerlikon. You can call us at any time.

In case of a life-threatening situation, you must call 144.

As an experienced paediatrician, Dr Zia takes sufficient time for each child. In particular, the paediatrician is careful to avoid long waiting times and provides online appointment booking. Care is taken to ensure that children coming for vaccinations and preventive examinations do not come into contact with sick children in order to keep the risk of infection low. Furthermore, the paediatrician Dr. Zia in Zurich carries out everything from legally required vaccinations to sonography and all preventive medical check-ups. If you want to know that your child is in good hands, then the paediatrician centre in Zurich is the right place for you. The paediatrician Dr. Zia has many years of experience. He has all the knowledge about children's diseases, their symptoms and causes, as well as the entire procedure for treatment. The Paediatric Centre Zurich is available during opening hours. Find out about the individual services of the practice on this website now and make an appointment under Contact.
Vaccinations and check-ups are important components of preventive health care for children. It is important that all vaccinations and examinations are carried out on time. At our paediatric centre in Zurich, you will receive all the necessary information, advice and vaccinations. Legislation stipulates that all children must undergo the prescribed preventive medical examinations. It serves the parents and the paediatrician to detect health problems of any kind in time and to initiate the appropriate therapies by the paediatrician to ensure the normal physical and mental development of the child. Vaccinations should be given to all children in good time and as a preventive measure. In this way, you protect your child from the dangers of possible serious illnesses. Among other things, childhood diseases can also trigger life-threatening situations. With a vaccination at our paediatrician in Zurich, you can protect your child preventively.
Are you looking for an experienced and child-friendly paediatrician in Zurich? Our paediatric centre is located in Zurich Oerlikon, right next to Oerlikon train station and is at your child's disposal. We welcome not only families, but also groups of children from kindergartens and schools. Especially when it comes to vaccinations, we also take whole school classes by appointment. Our practice staff are always friendly. Our waiting room has become a beautiful play world. On our homepage you can find detailed information about the services we offer. Here you will find our vaccination types and much worth knowing about children's diseases, their dangers and, above all, why children should be vaccinated as a precaution.

Preventive check-ups and timely vaccinations should not be forgotten. Even if stressful everyday life sometimes plays tricks on us. Your children are in good hands at our paediatric practice for their check-ups and vaccinations. Sensitive treatments, a playful waiting room and friendly practice staff await you. Precautionary examinations in particular serve to ensure the safety of your child. They show you and us the development. Vaccinations are also necessary to prevent dangerous diseases. Your children will feel comfortable in our paediatric practice. Whether it is an illness such as flu, measles or another disease, with our experience we will treat your child professionally and look forward to welcoming you back to our paediatrics practice.

Dr. med. Ahmad Zia FMH

Overview of our services


We use an ECG to examine your child's heart and detect possible problems early on so that they can be treated appropriately without delay.

Asthma Diagnosis and Counselling Icon

Asthma diagnosis and treatment

After an asthma diagnosis, we advise you on the necessary and correct handling. 

Allergy Testing and Hyposensitisation Icon

Allergy testing and hyposensitisation

In the case of possible allergies, we carry out the necessary tests and can then carry out hyposensitisation.

Therapy Icon

Neurodermatitis therapy

For neurodermatitis, we provide appropriate counselling and therapies.

Vision Screening Icon

Vision screening

Vision screening to examine visual acuity is also part of the scope of our services.

Vaccination icon


Vaccinations are necessary and important to prevent dangerous diseases. 

Hearing Screening Icon
Hearing screening

We carry out hearing screenings in our practice.

Practice pharmacy icon
Private Pharmacy

In our private pharmacy you will find all the medicines you need without any detours.

Sonography icon

We perform hip and kidney sonographies.

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